Start With the Best Water in the U.S.

There are several critical steps that go into making a fine vodka. At New Deal, we’ve got a hand in every single aspect of that process, creating a uniquely local product that we love to share with our friends.

The first step in making really good vodka is to find the best possible water. New Deal uses water from theBull Run Reservoir–one of North America’s largest gravity-fed water supplies. This water, the melted snow pack from Mt. Hood’s annual accumulation of 500-600 inches of snow each season, is considered by many to be among the most pure in the nation. We love it.

This same incredible resource that keeps folks skiing at Timberline longer than any other ski area in North America is wholly renewable every year. As they say, our water comes from the forest to the faucet. Unlike some forests, the Mt. Hood wilderness that comprises the Bull Run Reservoir is a pristine, alpine treasure that remains unspoilt. Who needs the Rockies when you can have the Cascades?

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