Portland 88 Vodka

A New Take on Old School

traditional vodka, distilled in copper stills and bottled at 88 proof to give a classic, clean taste.

Portland 88 Vodka is like New Deal Vodka’s younger cousin with a moustache and a Camaro. Its 88-proof recipe delivers a swift kick for those who like to taste the drink in their drink. Refreshing and crisp, it holds up to bold mixers, but it’s perfectly at home straight over ice with a twist of lemon – albeit a big, manly, behemoth twist of lemon.

The name hearkens back to the 80’s, when we, ourselves, were a little younger, a little wilder, and a little more mustached. Dedicated to Portland’s old DIY spirit and its openness to new ideas, Portland 88Vodka is a nod to the decade we discovered and fell in love with our city.

Contains 44% alcohol by volume.