New Deal Vodka


Distilled in custom custom copper stills using our own unique recipe, New Deal Vodka delivers a delicate flavor complexity yet provides an extremely smooth finish. Clean and light on the palate, its subtlety makes New Deal Vodka a great choice for a sipping vodka or a martini.

80 Proof | 40% Alcohol by volume | 750ML

Made to be tasted

Crafted as a “sipping vodka,” this exceptional spirit can double as an elegant and dependable foundation to any cocktail. New Deal Vodka is an especially good choice for recipes featuring delicate flavors, such as white tea, cucumber or raspberry.

New Deal Vodka Martini

The delicate smoothness of New Deal Vodka is perfect for a classic martini, and reflects our original philosophy: make it simple, make it right.

  • 2 oz New Deal Vodka
  • ¼ oz dry vermouth

Combine New Deal Vodka and dry vermouth in a shaker and fill with ice. Shake, then strain into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.


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