Ginger Liqueur

We start with fresh organic ginger root, and chopped, and infuse in spirit for many weeks. We finish with organic cane sugar and a hint of agave nectar. The result is the intense spice of ginger balanced with sweetness.

Willamette Week Says “Recommended”

The Ginger Liqueur, which contains only sugar, ginger and unspecified “spirits,” is a little too intense to drink on its own without ice. Drop a half-ounce of it and a jigger of bourbon on the rocks, though, and you’ve got the best whiskey ginger you’re ever likely to taste. Don’t like whiskey? Mix it up with vodka and lime for a Moscow Mule, or dark rum and soda for a perfect Dark and Stormy. Recommended.

Great American Distillers Festival 2013, Portland, Oregon, GOLD Medal Winner

At the 9th Annual Great American Distillers Festival, held in October 2013, in Portland, Oregon, Ginger Liqueur was awarded the only Gold Medal in the Other Liqueurs category.

Beverage Testing Institute, 2013 International Review of Spirits Award: GOLD MEDAL

Cloudy yellow gray color. Aromas of ginger lozenge, chamomile tea, and pepper jelly with a supple, mildly sweet medium body and a warming hot ginger, cinnamon, and umami accented finish with notes suggesting marinated mushroom and dried meat. Very bold and multidimensional; will be great in culinary cocktails. RATING: 93 points (Exceptional)

American Craft Distillers Association, Annual Spirits Competition, 2014, Denver, Colorado, BRONZE Medal Winner