Distiller’s Workshop Series

The Distiller’s Workshop Series is our small-batch, limited release line of spirits, including brandies, rums, white dogs, moonshines, and other specialty craft spirits. The Distiller’s Workshop line is only available in the New Deal Tasting Room as we craft them throughout the year.

Our current Distiller’s Workshop Series includes:

NEW Rye White Dog Whiskey*

42% alcohol by volume // 750ml

The earthy aromas of sweet grain and sapling bark evolve into cherry blossom, banana, and apple peel with each sip. The flavor is a pleasing combination of green apple, pear, and white chocolate, with sensations of caraway spice and sweet fennel in the aftertaste for a very clean finish.

  • Small-batch grain fermentation
  • Copper pot-distilled and un-aged
  • Rye with barley and malted barley


NEW Bourbon White Dog Whiskey*

42% alcohol by volume // 750ml

The strong aroma of fermented grain is tempered by a sweetness that greets the tip of the tongue upon sipping. The scent of clover flowers gives a top note to the taste of fresh sweet corn, watermelon and cantaloupe, and green apple. After a brief pop of heat that calls to mind freshly baked corn bread, this white dog has a light and round finish.

  • Small-batch grain fermentation
  • Copper pot-distilled and un-aged
  • Corn with wheat and malted barley


*About White Dog Whiskeys

White Dog is un-aged whiskey – the spirit off the still before it goes into barrels, or what the Scots call “New Make”. Unlike aged whiskey, White Dog can be fiery, with strong grain flavors. There are styles of unaged whiskies where the spirit is stripped of the heavier flavors, more akin to grain brandies or eau de vie style. In our Rye White Dog Whiskey, we left in the heavier oils that will transform into great flavors later on.

One of the joys of whiskey making is seeing how the spirit transforms over time in the barrel. We offer our white dogs for those who want to try small barrel aging at home. When whiskey is aged, amazing things happen: the spirit mellows, takes on flavors from the oak, and slowly matures. Experiencing a White Dog helps whiskey fans understand what flavors are chosen for a great spirit in the barrel.


Distiller’s Cut Rum

43% alcohol by volume // 750ml

Crafted in the French Agricole style, this small-batch rum is distilled in our copper pot still from a sugar cane fermentation to capture a butterscotch aroma with lime blossom overtones, and the taste of caramel and buttercream with hints of green banana. Perfect for a caipirinha, mojito, or classic daiquiri.

  • Sugar Cane Wash
  • Slow Fermentation
  • Pot distilled twice / Distiller’s Cut
  • Unfiltered and unaged
  • Captures caramel and butterscotch – notes of sugar cane


Past Selections from the Distiller’s Workshop

Single-Barrel Bourbon Whiskey 

42% alcohol by volume // 750ml

Aromas of apple, light caramel, paprika, and ginger-bread on the nose. Flavors of pear, apple, and grilled corn, with hints of cinnamon, clove, and toasted marsh-mallow and deep grain notes persisting throughout. Long smooth finish reminiscent of leather and wood fire, with very subtle smoky elements.

  • Mashed and fermented in-house
  • Twice-distilled in a copper pot still
  • Aged 1 year in charred new American Oak barrels

Old Tom Gin

45% alcohol by volume // 750ml

Pleasingly complex and perfumed nose with strong aromas of sweet lemon, vanilla, cedar, and clary sage. Aged in Oregon wine barrels to impart delicate oak and grape flavors that balance with juniper and a blend of citruses. Notes of spruce, lemon balm, cherry and vanilla mingle on the palette with a lovely finish.

  • Pot-distilled gin
  • Aged 9 months in (French oak) Oregon wine barrels
  • Distilled from 100% grain

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