Distiller’s Workshop Series

The Distiller’s Workshop Series is our small-batch, limited release line.

This where you’ll find our brandies, small-batch rums, white dogs, moonshines, and other specialty craft spirits. The Distiller’s Workshop Series is only available in small batches as we craft them throughout the year, at our Distillery Tasting Room.

Our current bottling schedule includes:

DW: New Deal Distiller’s Cut White Rum

A distillation from a cane and molasses wash. This is a clean, straight forward white rum.

DW: New Deal Aged Rum

A double pot-still distillation from a cane and molasses wash. The cuts are chosen to our distiller’s preference, resulting in both the sweet aroma and earthy undertones.

DW: New Deal Amber Rum

A column distilled rum from a cane wash. This is lightly aged in new Oregon Oak.

Wildcat Moonshine – Barley Cane

A unique spirit distilled from malted barley and cane juice. The result is the subtle grain finish of malt balanced with a fruity notes reminiscent of grappa or sake.

Vodka from Wine

A vodka from a blend of Oregon Wine.

Farmer’s Grappa

A sweet and floral grappa from the pomace of Oregon Riesling, gathered by our farmer friends in the Willamette Valley.